It was a reborn, gritty, rough & dusty world starting with metallic space designs and dark tones, sketches of the “Warning Zone humans” facing the harsh consequences of wars, but they still live with a strong and persistent will & actively create meaningful values to make the world a better place.

Sustainable development is always a guideline in the operation and development of Warning Zone. We create delicious dishes from safe and reliable sources, together with a wonderful experience from ideas and people of Warning Zone with the concept of regenerating life from the veins. Thank you for choosing the Warning Zone! “


1 – DESIGN – creating brand personality & brand identity of Warning Zone.

2 – PEOPLE – identified as the core factor which is prioritized for sustainable development, including development & protection.

3 – QUALITY PRODUCT – Warning Zone always strives to create its signature with a unique taste through dishes with high quality food ingredients & guaranteed process according to food safety standards.

4 – ACTIONS OF KINDNESS – supporting the ideas & actions towards protecting the environment & developing the society.


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